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About Us

Rhiss Interior is an award-winning Design Company that is situated in Singapore and we live by the philosophy of interpreting perfection.

Our company has garnered awards such as Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2011 and Successful Entrepreneur 2011.

For many years, our design firm has created numerous functional residential, business and conceptual spaces that merge modern elegance with minimalism as well as impeccable choice of eclectic design elements, from furniture pieces, colors and materials.

Located in Singapore, the company is in a very competitive design environment and manages to be at the top of the game when it comes to high quality, impeccable design solutions for living and working spaces.

With the intent of merging the old with the new, the classical with the modern, the traditional with the innovative, Rhiss Interior also pursues the renovation of existing spaces, giving each site its necessary vigor, beauty and allure.

The company has years of experience and with its unique approach to design, clientele of diverse persuasions and design backgrounds can be assured that they can enjoy top quality design results when it comes to renovating interiors.

The company adopts conservative approach in integrating appealing areas of the space and at the same time, infusing modern design elements to keep the area updated yet, familiar.

Our Values


The company has a firm and unwavering belief on two important aspects: customized service and quality results. As an award-winning company, Rhiss Interior aims to provide the best level of service to its clientele by imbibing a unique level of service.

The company listens to its client’s needs with utmost respect, focusing on their specific needs in terms of design and functionality. After that, the design team will come up with a perfect solution, mixing in a unique design aesthetic that can even be unexpected, but can be considered refined and modern for the modern clientele.


Rhiss interior values honesty as one of the foundations of a successful collaboration. We offer top notch service when it comes to our consultancy and design projects.

The company offers top notch service focus on transparency and openness. Effective communication is an important aspect of the business. Any project, changes in plans, suggestions, budget concerns and other important matters from start to finish will have to be discussed with the client. This is to ensure that the level of service is optimized to ensure that the client meets the expected results without delay.


The company upholds a high level of moral standards to ensure that the whole design process is done with high integrity. The company also understands the importance of ethical design aspects to ensure that projects are created with environmental consciousness as well as respect to culture and heritage.

Every space is different and therefore, it requires a unique level of treatment and approach. Renovations are done to respect the existing design elements that can still be used to uplift the beauty of the space and keep its tradition and identity intact.


Modern design is never about being seen. It is about the creation of a space that plays with the senses and perception of the clientele. Modern design is eclectic, with an understanding of culture, and respects the individuality of the client and the space.

As such, the team of designers at Rhiss Interior creates unique, groundbreaking and enticing designs that are not just there to baffle the person but also it allows him or her to experience quality in the slightest details, from the kind of materials to the color of the walls.

Overall, the results are intended to appeal to the clientele.


The idea of interior design is to create a space that a client can feel and experience perfection. Rhiss Interior is a company that understands the importance of adding a unique twist to conventional practices and ideas about creating an incredible space.

With the help of its creative team and partners, the company strives with most sincerity in providing the optimum design solution, a vision, an interpretation of perfection, suitable for your unique design needs.

Rhiss Interior is driven by passion, extensive design knowledge and by challenges. By working closely with clients and upholding an honest and sincere dialogue between clientele and partners, it is possible to create a space that really captures perfection.

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